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The tears that you spill, the sorrowful... [entries|friends|calendar]
The Beast

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[05 Aug 2008|10:13pm]
If your name is negativity, you will soon be completely out of my life.

Soon, I will be in another part of the world, and forget and forgive all that you ever were to me...

... And I have never been more excited for anything in my life.
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[04 Aug 2008|01:49pm]
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Jade has decided.... [13 May 2008|11:03pm]
...that faux hawks are HOT. Who fuckin' cares what anyone else says?
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"The [Infamous] List" [30 Apr 2008|12:48am]
So about four years ago, I posted a list with what I wanted in a guy... I decided to do an updated one to see how I've changed. Pretty interesting when I did the comparison. I got more complicated in some ways, and more simple in others.

Of interest to me, maybe not to you, lol.

4 years ago


-a good listener- cannot cut people off in the middle of sentences
-able to read people [faces]
-able to be read (for the most part)
-have some sort of ambition
-it’s sexy if you read books
-boxers are really cute
-eyes with a lot of life and spirit in them
-a nice smile
-kind not only to his girl, but to the rest of the world as well
-a good heart
-not cocky
-sexy voice
-not too logical; not too illogical
-glasses are a turn-on
-nice butt
-mature enough to have deep conversations, immature enough to have fun
-would not be a wimp about walking in the rain
-not too chivalrous
-not wimpy
-can take a hint
-does not follow you around like a little puppy
-is independent
-musician & artist = bonus
-tender kisser
-strong arms
-loves music
-is tolerant
-not belligerent
-doesn’t let anger drive his reason
-is not a gossip
-hears it from both sides before making any judgment about anyone or any situation
-“educated” in the wordly sense
-not too moody
-has a sense of humor to match and rival mine
-can play on the mood and the moment
-a distinct individual flavor
-not a player
-not too insecure
-fun to hang out with
-not homophobic
-wants to do something for the world
-a leader
-not too angsty
-must not only be a friend, but a teacher and mentor as well
-knows what he wants from life
-not shady
-fights against the odds
-is not a party spoiler
-not too rowdy
-a good advice giver
-is not afraid of a little competition (from me, that is ;-))

-a listener that is genuinely interested
-ambitious – A MUST!
-has the plan and the balls to go for what he wants
-eyes that “think” and also challenge
-nice smile
-kind not only to those he is close to, but to people in general too
-compassionate - a good heart
-a little cocky
-not too logical; not too illogical
-articulate – can present and argue the hell out of something
-is capable of playing devil’s advocate
-perky butt
-mature enough to have deep conversations, immature enough to be spontaneous and not care what others think
-not grossly chivalrous
-can follow cues
-is independent, and will not give up his dreams for anyone, even his girl
-great kisser!
-good in bed
-is tolerant, yet firm
-no deep rage –please, no more of those
-is not a fan or player in gossip
-fair and balanced
-“educated” in the wordly sense
-kind of a loner, badass, & comfortable with that
-a sense of humor
-can play on the mood and the moment
-doesn’t make homophobic comments
-wants to do his part in changing the world
-his own type of leader
-determined, strong-willed
-idealistic, yet practical
-a sweetheart
-a friend and a mentor as well
-has a plan
-keeps his word
-not a party pooer
-doesn’t get jealous easily
-wise, when he needs to be
-is not afraid of a little competition
-thinks outside of the box
-no major “issues” or baggage


-can look like a delicious piece of meat while reading a book
-I’m a fan of the boxers
-Yes, I am a fan of the glasses too
-musician & artist + creative = BONUS points!!!
-big, strong arms (yes, cliché, I know)
-his own sense of style –a plus!

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[21 Feb 2008|01:18pm]
[ mood | cooking up mischief ]

Well, I always knew that I didn't like the boring boys.
Bad boys it is for my weekend away from those dashing normal college boys..... ;)

Coming hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooome!

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So it's true... All asians really do look alike [12 Dec 2007|11:07am]

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Free family tree

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Okay, so I was just thinking... [04 Dec 2007|10:50pm]
Oh man, I really miss mortal combat...

...Back to anthropological paper.
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Random Post [02 Dec 2007|04:51pm]

Okay, so this is just going to be a random post that I’m writing out of no where. Because no one goes or writes on livejournal anymore, it will be interesting to see who, if anyone replies.

Some things that annoy me:

-People that complain about every aspect of doing a task. Can’t you just understand that sometimes there are necessary evils in the world and that you have to do what you have to do to get the task done?

            -You are not the only encountering the problems. You are not the first. You will not be the last. Bitching about it isn’t going to help.

            -You have what you have on your plate. Whining about how it puts you at a disadvantage over others isn’t going to help you out.

                        -Everybody has their own struggles to deal with, whether you’re poor or rich, come from a broken home or not, everybody will look out for themselves and things will work themselves out.

            -Don’t expend energy on convincing yourself that you have it so much harder. You only grow to hate others and yourself for it, and you can only bring yourself down from there. 

Okay, so I’m going to tell you a big fuckin’ secret, which isn’t really a fuckin’ secret at all. I can’t stand people who can’t do things for themselves. Not to stereotype, but to note, that a big part of the reason why I hate some girly girls, why I just don’t even try to deal with the girls in my POSSE sometimes. You can be the princess of your world, but you will never be one in mine.

I’m a very do-it-yourself type of person. I have not come from a lot, and I’m proud to say that everything I’ve ever had, I’ve earned or had the luck of finding. I’m tired, so fucking tired, of people saying that they have no way out to bring themselves out of whatever sad, poor situation they’re in. There are resources and places to help you out if you take the time to look –and don’t say it’s a matter of age that keeps you from being where you want to be, who you want to be.

There is help for 40 year-old adults who still act like kids, have the mentality of kids, people who can’t make rent, but will buy everything else unnecessary in the market, people who still blame their parents, for their upbringing, for everything –and always will. They just can’t seem to bring themselves out of that. I just can’t respect that. 

I hate when people say I have it easier just because I’m younger, when people compare my struggle to theirs and invalidate it. Truth is, I didn’t really have a choice from the beginning to fuck up, so maybe it was easier for me. I didn’t have mommy and daddy to pay for jack shit because I didn’t grow up with my parents. I’m not going to go in to where, how I grew up, but basically, my support system were my friends, my teachers, those who had faith in me, but even before all of that, I grew my own understanding that I had to look out for myself, because if I didn’t, no one else would. So now that I’ve admitted that I’ve had it easier, what are you fucking going to do about it? Sit and whine some more about it or do something for yourself?

Basic point is, no one can help you until you help yourself. I’ve been so worn down in the past couple years by surrounding myself with people who only bring themselves down. You offer an ear, and over time I’ve seen that that’s the only thing that you can really do. Whether you offer advice or not, people will still be stuck in their ways, until proven otherwise.

One of the most important things I’ve learned in the past year or two? –That you can’t control people, what they do, how they think, how they act towards you, even if it’s all very illogical. That was one of the hardest things, not understanding why people do the cruel senseless things that they do. In the end, I suppose they all have their reasons, and it makes sense to them, maybe not to me, but to them, then. Cheers to that, I say! The only thing you can do is choose to spend more or less time with them.

I’ve so ready for change, to carve out something else for myself, beyond all that negativity that I drew myself in to in the past. It was fun for a while. I learned a lot from other people, met people that I never would have met otherwise, but I’m done with that now. I’m not down with people bringing themselves down only because they don’t give themselves reasons or motivation to do otherwise. I owe myself that much at least!

Start now, so you can only have good feelings about 2008!

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Wow.... [27 Mar 2007|08:37pm]
Did you all know that Utada Hikaru is a Tetris champ?


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[05 Feb 2007|01:49am]

Check out my first newbie project in my 3D Animation class!!

16 hours later, 3 fortune cookies, and 56 UTZ cheese balls later...

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Holla at cha girls if ya want some caaaaandy!!! =P [10 Dec 2006|09:17pm]
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[02 Nov 2006|04:16pm]
Hmmm.... what shall I major in?

This semester:
Hip Hop Culture
Beginning Chinese
Introduction to Ethics
Ethnicity and Race in the U.S.
Beginning Karate
Buddha: His Life & Teachings - Dropped

^At the Stein, the restaurant where I waitress

Next semester:
Introduction to 3d Animation
Continuing Chinese
Why Work?
Radio In American Culture
Intermediate Karate

^ Foursomes, what I should get paid to do here

Last conundrum for my 5th Class:
American Film of the 1920s or Urban Life & Culture?

Possible Majors: Game Theory, Urban Studies, Media Studies, Asian-American Studies, Chinese, Computer Science, Education

^ Exhaustion, making snow angels on concrete.

Hmmm... I am NERD4562

=D P.S. I rose a rank in karate!!! 1 stripe, 3 ranks away from green belt!!! <3 Focus
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[24 Feb 2006|10:46pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Just got back from CF....

Wow, so much new body odor!

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Don't try to understand unless you've been there... [22 Feb 2006|08:22pm]
[ mood | thinking... ]

I am doing the... ridiculoso.

I am going to cf this Friday for the first time in probably over a year? I think it's more... It should be a trip.

I've been bumping into all sorts of people- is Astor Place the new spoto ridiculoso?

Let's see if the cycle repeats..

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I'm revamping the LJ... Friends Only Now! [01 Oct 2004|10:40pm]
[ mood | Studious ]

I did it in Paint like my baby does!
Featuring: Jason, Damian, & Mikey

Womp! Womp! =P

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